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Are you a Mama Bear? Or about to be?


Mama Bear Maternity Shirt

Are you a Mama Bear? Protective of the cubs you carry in your arms or in you belly? Wear this maternity shirt to share your pregnancy. Proverbs 31:28 says, "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." You are one blessed Mama Bear. We have a matching Mama Bear Car Decal too.

His-Child.com (Sharing Jesus using shirts and decals.)

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Not many Christian Stores Carry This...

His-Child.com carries Christian Maternity Tees.Christian Maternity shirts are rare, but so needed. What better way to share what God has done for you and your family than with a maternity shirt that shares both your pregnancy and your faith. And yes, these are real maternity shirts. Made for stretch and length as you grow in [...]

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Pregnant Woman Can Wear Christian Shirts Too | His-Child

9 months might not seem that long until you are looking for clothes to wear that are stylish and won't break the bank. And if you are looking for Christian maternity clothing, well forget that. It's almost impossible, or, at least it was.It was my first pregnancy and I went looking for Christian maternity shirts. [...]

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A New Long Sleeve Shirt has Arrived!

We are very excited to feature our newest long sleeve shirt with an old and favorite design of many of our customers. It is our PRAYED FOR PINK MATERNITY T SHIRT WITH BABY FEET DESIGN. This light weight pink shirt stylishly gathers at the waste but has plenty of room for your little one to grow. Layer [...]

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The New and The Old

We were snowed in last week, like many of you I assume. It gave me chance to “surf” and look at other maturity t-shirts companies on-line. I was a bit surprised to see what some shirts had printed on them. I was thinking to myself, “how could anyone think this was funny?” It was at that [...]

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Psalm 139:13

Psalm 139:13 says "You knit me together in my mother's womb." We can take this verse at face value and recognize that it means God created us. Or we can tear it apart. Who is "You," but the all amazing Creator of Heaven and Earth, The I Am, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the [...]

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She Replied: Jesus Made Me Beautiful

My 4 year old granddaughter was in a store the other day when a woman stopped and said, “My, aren't you beautiful”. My granddaughter replied, “Jesus made me beautiful”. At four we believe the truth that we have been taught in the Bible, but somehow by adulthood, we have forgotten this important fact. God made us in His image. [...]

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Coupons are a Girl's Best Friend

Coupons are great as long as you find them before you purchase something. They can be very aggravating when found after the fact. So, lets make sure that doesn't happen to you. For the month of February we are having a Valentine's sale. When checking out use the coupon code "LOVED" to get 10% off [...]

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Coming Soon by Popular Demand

Just yesterday we sent some shirts to our printer and we are excited to be re-printing some favorite designs. However, these designs will be on new shirts and new colors. As soon as they are printed, we will get some pictures up for everyone to see. We can't wait. Here's one of the designs we [...]

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Who is His Child?

His Child is a company inspired by God. A mother and newly pregnant daughter we sitting around discussing maternity fashion for Christians and the slim choices available. That's when God stepped in and said, "You do it!" And they did. HC (His Child) has been around for several years now. This company's goal is to [...]

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