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Another Office Meme!

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Funny Office Meme

If you’ve watched the office then you’ll know this church meme is perfect for Stanley. And as always, it’s Monday so we like to start off our week with a little laughter. Enjoy!

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​Movie or TV Show: Are you a fan of TAKEN?

Yesterday’s post was a little heavy heart-ed; and since I usually post something light on Mondays, I thought I’d post it today instead. For anyone who was a fan of the movie Taken or is a fan of the TV show Taken, this meme is for you. Share it with someone you missed this Sunday. But, don’t forget to [...]

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Cain, Abel and Mickey Mouse

For anyone with little ones and has seen a lot of mickey mouse clubhouse, this funny meme is for you. His-Child Christian Apparel to help you share your testimony (photo from @lexanderrios)

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Well, That Escalated Quickly

It's Monday again and a little laugh is a great way to start the work week. Thank you Lord for creating laughter and smiles. His-Child Christian Clothing and Apparel to help you share your testimony (photo from http://ow.ly/y8tj30d8FUP)

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Church of the Stunned Chicken

I wonder if the architects thought when they looked at their finished project, "Ok, who saw the chicken and didn't tell us until we were done?" God does have a sense of humor and here is one example I found from the New Testament:A glimpse of Jesus' sense of humor can be enjoyed in the [...]

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Cell Phones in Church

Several of us have had our cell phones go off during service. But, have you ever had yours go off when you were speaking in front of the church? I have! And let me say, it has never happened again. I was so embarrassed!

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