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Marshmallow Bible


Marshmallow Bible

Funny, but also true. You can't pick and choose from God's word. It's all true or none of it's true. It's like trying to learn math but only addition because it's easy to do and ignoring subtraction, multiplication and division. (Can you tell I have a early elementary student?!)

I choose to believe the whole Bible. And not just because I have faith, which I do, but also because there are mounds and mounds of facts and information to back it up. Like Voddie Bauchum says, "God gave you a brain and He expects you to use it."

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Funny Christmas Meme Featuring King Herod

Another Christmas funny that made me laugh and I thought I'd shares it with you. There might be more truth to this than we know. King Herod was a great builder, but also known as a mad man. He executed one of his 10 wives and three of his 14 children, and ordered the murder of [...]

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