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I Surrender All.


All to Jesus, I surrender. All to Him I freely give.

The song, "I Surrender All" is a lot easier to sing than it is to do. Surrendering all includes your ever desire, thought, word and action. Because this is so difficult in our world full of temptation I pray this regularly:

Lord, let my thoughts be like your thoughts. Let my desires be like your desires. Let me love whom you love, like what you like and hate what you hate.

I am amazed, although I shouldn't be, when God changes my view on something. For example, a long while ago I was hooked on a tv show that had a great story line, but was filled with inappropriate words and themes. My desire was to watch the show, but when I began to pray this prayer God changed my desire. I no longer want to watch it. And He's been faithful to this prayer as my heart has changed to become more like His as I seek Him.

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