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​Looks can be Deceiving

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Hope for the Hopeless

As I am driving in town, there seems to be a person on every corner with a sign saying something like, “will work for food” or “need money to get home”. I look at those people and think how hopeless their situation must be. However, a few minutes later I see a well-dressed man in a store and think nothing about his condition. The truth is, he may be more desperate then the one on the street. We never know anyone’s spiritual condition by looking at them. I know a lot of well dressed, fancy car, big house people who are headed straight to hell and don’t even know it. That is a hopeless situation if I have ever seen one.


It is easy to dismiss someone’s spiritual condition when they look so good on the outside. I wonder how interesting this world would be if we looked like the sin we carry around. As a Christian of course, one sincere “please forgive me” and we have the King of Kings making us pure again. But no amount of make up or jewels would be able to cover up the ugliness of sin on those who do not know the Lord. Let us always be on the lookout for opportunities to share Jesus especially if the person LOOKS just fine.

Who do you know today that is beautiful on the outside but needs Jesus on the inside?

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