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We all need a little encouragement every once in a while.

We all have rough days. Some of us have rough weeks, months and years. I had a rough day recently. But, between my husband and my group of girlfriends, I have an amazing support system. They lifted me up. Reminded me that I'm worth more than I think I am and pointed me to God's [...]

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God’s love can break through any darkness.

We live in a dark world. And, as people believe revenge is the way to solve problems, feel better and right a wrong in will only continue plunge into the abyss. But their is hope. God is both light and love. Only God can drive out the darkness and the hate for good. Sure, there [...]

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Darkness can’t stop the light of the world.

Did you know that Darkness is the absent of Light. But Light is not the absent of darkness. Darkness can’t overcome light. But light can overcome darkness. 1 John 1:5 says, "...God is light, and in him is no darkness at all." Day or night, we are all living in God's light or in the darkness, [...]

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Why do we let culture tell us what is beautiful?

CVS will end airbrushing in advertisements for its store-brand beauty products by 2020. Why? "The connection between the propagation of unrealistic body images and negative health effects, especially in girls and young women, has been established," explained the company's president.God makes no mistakes. He has purpose in every detail. "I will praise You because I [...]

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I would have never known!

That’s three thousand Bibles sold every hour! Now, if every single one of those Bibles were read for even one minute every day. Imagine the life change that God's Word could make in those individuals lives!His-Child.com (Christian Clothing, Decals & Home Decor that represents you and your faith.)

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What your heart beat looks like when the Pastor asks you to pray from the pulpit.

I thought this was funny, especially since my Pastor asked me from the pulpit if I had anything to announce to the congregation. I guess he thought I was coming into service to get his attention, when what I was really doing was trying to get the attention of one of my student's moms. I [...]

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I Surrender All.

The song, "I Surrender All" is a lot easier to sing than it is to do. Surrendering all includes your ever desire, thought, word and action. Because this is so difficult in our world full of temptation I pray this regularly:Lord, let my thoughts be like your thoughts. Let my desires be like your desires. [...]

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Those Who Fear God Fear Nothing Else

We all fear something. I'm scared of snakes, alligators sharks and deep water. But the truth is, none of these things can touch me if God tells them not to. Just like myself, my fears are part of God's creation. They listen to Him; even the deep water. And if He says, "Don't touch that [...]

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If God seems invisible, maybe you aren’t seeing with the right eyes.

“Keep asking, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who searches finds, will be opened. (Matthew 7:7-8) And for those who question if an open door is from God, compare it to His Character and His Word. God will never contradict [...]

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Does this make us invincible?

Often I have to remind myself that if God has called me to do something, then nothing can stop me. It might not be easy. I will probably face trials and opposition. I don't need to manipulate the situation to make it work. And I don't have to sweat the details. I do have to keep [...]

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