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What is your purpose?

We were created for God. We were created to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.  When we try to make our main purpose about us, about our family, about our job, about our hobby, about collecting more money, we begin to feel lost and unfulfilled because we turn away from our one true purpose. Are you [...]

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Dad's get a bad rap.

Dad's get bad raps. People think all they do is work and sit on the couch. But, God says they are so much more. They are to be an example of Himself to their wives and children. They may not be perfect, but they try their hardest to point those they love to Jesus. I [...]

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This is not a secret to be kept.

The world is a dark place and Jesus is the only light that stays lit. If you have Jesus, then you are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Don't hide your light. I know that sharing Jesus can be tough. We worry about what others will think [...]

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You are qualified because God has qualified you.

I remember going to a bible study very pregnant with my second child. I discussed how I felt unqualified to be a mother of two. I remember feeling unqualified to be a first time mother, but two seemed overwhelming. Carla Mac, of Moment by Moment Ministries, told me that if God gave me this child, He [...]

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How many ways to God?

Laziness. This is one problem with our society. We will work hard at our jobs and hobbies, but when it comes to who God is and what He wants we'd rather regurgitate someone else's ideas that fit our lifestyle. How many times have you see the Coexist bumper sticker. You know, the one where every [...]

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Beautiful: Made in God's Image

Beautiful: Made in God's Image (Genesis 1:27)I think my kids are beautiful. I know that you think your kids are beautiful. God KNOWS they are beautiful! With this shirt let everyone else know how beautiful you child is and who they belong to... Jesus! His-Child.com (Christian Clothes are for kids too!)

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Created to know and be known by God.

Communion: Our common union.Everyone has their own ideas about faith, the Bible, Eternity, heaven. But, followers of Christ all have one thing in common, Jesus. Our entire faith is based around the word and actions of Jesus. We might not agree on other things like hymn books or projectors, the type of music sang in service, [...]

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Awesome: Made in God's Image

Awesome: Made in God's Image (Genesis 1:27)I think my kids are awesome. I know that you think your kids are awesome. God KNOWS they are awesome! With this shirt let everyone else know how awesome you child is and who they belong to... Jesus!His-Child.com (Christian Clothes are for kids too!)

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When overwhelmed, which view do you have?

Life is hard. I could not imagine going through it without my Jesus. Psalm 61:2 says it so perfectly, "When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I." There is no better vantage point to life than one that is high. And no better place to stand than on the [...]

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Temptation surrounds us. Will you stand your ground?

Temptation is everywhere. It's at work, at school, in our magazines and news papers, on our televisions, on our advertisements and all over the web. And the temptations that you face might be completely different than that of the person next to you. I could list all the different types of temptation, but I won't. [...]

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